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August 2, 2012

Top Five Inventor Blogs

Here is my top five blogs that I frequently go to see some of the best content regarding Autodesk Inventor. That of course is not including my own.

These of course are in order of personal preference, quality of content, and how frequently updated.

1. Inventor Tales
  • Jonathan Landeros, not only does he cover Inventor but he also throws in some Showcase & Vault. Not only are his posts great, he usually always includes a video explaining how it is done and it usually gets updated weekly.
2. Design & Motion
  • John Evans & Scott Moyse, between these two guys, they cover alot of different programs including Inventor, Showcase, Simulation, Civil 3D, Vault. This blog gets frequent updates and the content is always awesome.
 3. Imaginit Manufacturing Solutions
  • Mark Flayler, he covers almost exclusively Inventor but he does throw in a mix of other products every once in a while. His explanation of detail is awesome. Always a great site to read.
 4. The CAD Setter Out
  • Paul Munford, covers alot of great content including AutoCAD and Inventor. He covers quite a bit of content on the woodworking industry. He also does quite a bit of guest blogging and some other well known blogs.
5. CADToolbox
  • Thomas Rambach, always has alot of great content regarding Inventor and is now including great content about Vault and PLM 360. He has also written some great addins for Inventor that can be downloaded from his site or from the Autodesk Exchange Apps Store.

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