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August 6, 2012

Inventor 2013 Favorite New Sketch Enhancements

Here I am going to show you what I consider my favorite new Sketch Enhancements for Inventor 2013.

1. Origin Plane Display
  • When you start the Create 2D Sketch command, the origin planes display. Pick the edge or face of a plane to begin a new 2D sketch.

2. Set Sketch Scale by the First Dimension
  • The first dimension in the first part sketch determines the scale of the sketch.
3. Create a two-point-center rectangle
  • Use the Two Point Center Rectangle command to create a rectangle defined by a center point and a vertex.

4. Create a three-point-center rectangle
  • Use the Three Point Center Rectangle command to create a rectangle defined by a center point and two points that define the size and direction of the rectangle sides.
5. Dimension arc length
  • In the sketch enviroment, use the Dimension command, Arc Length option to add arc length dimensions.
6. Display of fully constrained sketches
  • A new icon is add to the Part browser to indicate fully constrained 2D sketches. In the Assembly enviroment, the indicator icon updates its appearance when you exit the Sketch enviroment. In the Part enviroment, it updates interactively as you add or remove constraints.

7. Sketch Enviroment Status Bar
  • Commands that were previously located on the right-click menu are now available on the Status Bar in both the 2D and 3D sketch enviroments.
    • Command on the 2D Status Bar:
      • Snap to Grid
      • Show all Constraints
      • Hide all Constraints
      • Dimension Display
      • Slice Graphics
      • Show All Degrees of Freedom
      • Hide All Degrees of Freedom
    • Command on the 3D Status Bar:
      • Dimension Display
Here is also a YouTube Video showing all of the above mentions.

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