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August 15, 2012

Inventor 2013 Update 2 Released

Autodesk just released Update 2 for Inventor 2013. As previously reported with Update 1 for Inventor 2013, this update is not a Service Pack, just a collection of fixes that will come before the Service Pack is released.

This Update addresses multiple issues for Inventor 2013. This Update take the place of Update 1 and includes all changes contained in Update 1.

Here is what is addressed in Update 2:

  • User .xml file migrates to the material/appearance library incorrectly
  • Creating a Presentation will create duplicate appearance styles
  • Customer material/appearance library contains duplicate asset names after migration
  • During Content Center update, Custom library is removed if a corresponding material is missing in the Inventor Material Library
  • Feature color override changes after a rebuild all in derived parts
  • Migration of Inventor library creates a duplicate material when an identical material exists in the target library
  • Multiple stability issues
  • Nonexistent contacts detected between geometry may cause discrepancies in simulation results
  • Occasional low memory warning message erroneously displays during solve of simulation
  • File size increases significantly by FEA result file being embedded
  • The lib file (.adsklib) locked by Inventor can't be checked in and synced to new version from Vault
  • Update, Save, and Purge style dialog boxes do not set the default library as the active library
  • After changing the material in one subassembly, the material in another subassembly may also change
  • After placing and refreshing content center standard components, an incorrect material is assigned
  • CER: Suppressed forces from legacy simulations from Dynamic Simulation sometimes cause exit when save
  • CER: Unexpected exit occurs when generating iAssembly member after deleting a component with previous work-axis dependency
  • CER: Unexpected exit occurs when selecting a top assembly node in the browser while launching a material browser dialog box
  • CER: Unexpected exit on close of new part file when all Add-Ins are unloaded
  • CER: Unexpected exit when using call Document.SaveAs to publish an Inventor file to a DWF file
  • CER: Unexpected exit when calling GetHIconFromBitmapSource
  • CER: Unexpected exit when copying components in assembly
  • CER: Unexpected exit when deleting appearance and sorting
  • CER: Unexpected exit when moving a sketch
  • CER: Unexpected exit when re-enter the stress analysis environment with particular weldment assemblies
  • CER: Unexpected exit when returning to construction mode after saving in simulation mode
  • CER: Unexpected exit with Grip Snap command when clicking Esc after Free Drag
  • Hotfix - DL19384851 (Inventor Vault Add-In) - Inventor 2013 unexpectedly exits when checking in files
Here is a link to download Update 2 for Inventor 2013 - Click Here...
Both the 32-bit and 64-bit are included in the download.

Here is a link for the Readme File - Click Here...

This update covers the following products:
  • Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013
  • Autodesk Inventor 2013
  • Autodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 2013
  • Autodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2013
  • Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 2013
  • Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2013

1 comment:

  1. inventor 2013 update 2 does not appear in add remove programs (control panel) as claimed in the read me file


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