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September 20, 2013

Inventor 2014 - Service Pack 1

Autodesk has now released Service Pack 1(SP1) for Inventor 2014. Here are the details regarding what is included in the SP1.

Here is the link to download Inventor 2014 SP1 32-bit, Click Here...
Here is the link to download Inventor 2014 SP1 64-bit, Click Here...

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here...

Cable & Harness
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you undo and redo repeatedly in an iAssembly to open its member files when Cable & Harness add-in is loaded.
  • For some particular dataset, after placing a nail board view of a Cable & Harness assembly in a drawing file, Inventor unexpectedly exits when you close the drawing file without saving and then closing Inventor.
Stress Analysis
  • Contacts in solids and faces at vertices are identified as face-face contacts.
  • FEAComputerServer unexpectedly exits when detecting a large number of contacts.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you start stress analysis with certain models created by Inventor 2013. 
  • DataIO.WriteDataToFile fails to publish Inventor drawing file to DWF file.
  • Inventor imports DWG file into sketch with wrong units if you specify custom units for it.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when calling ReferenceKeyManager.LoadKeyContext with an invalid KeyContext input.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when calling AttributSet.Add for a FaceProxy that has 80000 edges.
  • The output image using Camera.SaveAsBitmap is not correct in generated previews of drawing views.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when accessing corrupt UserParameter.Value property.
Application Functionality
  • Editing an OLE file within an Inventor document does not fire OnFileDirty event and Document.Dirty returns incorrectly.
  • The large icon of Macros command does not display in the Ribbon.
  • Create New File dialog box lists all folders at the same level as the template folder if your template direction is mapped from a network drive.
  • Create New File dialog box does not remember the last configuration in details view.
  • Cannot launch Inventor on Windows 8.1 Preview operating system.
Assembly Modeling
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you paste components after selecting two Origins in Joint command.
  • Cannot make a weldment iAssembly material valid as a weldable material.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits after if you delete Tube and Pipe while the assembly is open in Express mode.
  • Tube and Pipe loses its adaptability after moving its reference part in Express mode.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits if Design Accelerator add-in is loaded, and you pause the mouse over a face while placing file from Content Center in Express mode.
  • The graphics does not update when you switch a design view to the one that contains a section view in Express mode.
  • In Express mode, when the top assembly is open, welds nodes does not display correctly after you change their visibility.
  • After you click Load Express and then Load Full, Tube and Pipe command is still disabled
BIM Exchange
  • Cannot export .ipt file to .rfa file if features of the part are in unsupported appearance.

BIM Simplify
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits if you click OK several times in the Define Envelopes dialog box.
Content Center
  • The material of a Content Center component displays a long string in the assembly BOM.
  • Unable to change icon of existing custom category in Content Center Library.
Design Accelerator
  • Bolted connection does not update automatically when you repostion its location by changing the placement sketch point.
  • Bolted connection is not able to machine more than two parts at the same time.
Drawing Manager
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you undo and redo repeatedly in a drawing after you edit the source assembly file.
  • For some particular legacy dataset, edges in the section view which are marked as invisible turn to visible when you open the drawing file.
  • For a multi-body part, the drawing view does not respect component visibility if its design view association is unchecked.
  • If you turn on hidden line for a particular part in the drawing view of an assembly, Inventor shows hidden interference edges of whole assembly instead of that particular part.
  • Shaded views are not showing correct in drawing with zoom.
  • Slow shut down of InventorViewCompute.exe even after Inventor main window closes.
  • View remains raster after selecting Precise view.
Engineer's Notebook
  • Font color does not function in Engineer's Notebook comments.
Enhanced Visualization
  • If you create a shaded drawing base view, project some other views and then undo, the shaded face of the base view disappear.
  • The shaded face in broken view shows incorrectly.
  • Text is behind the Hatch in a drawing sketch.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you zoom an assembly in the wireframe visual style.
  • After you open several files in an Inventor session, go to a drawing file and zoom in and zoom out, the title block displays incorrectly.
  • Shaded with Hidden Edges visual effect becomes Shaded when you edit a sketch or a component in an assembly.
  • The model shows too much noise if you use Ray Tracing in Good mode.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you create a sketch on a machine with certain old graphics drivers.
Frame Generator
  • Fail to assign the special material from custom material library to Frame member.
  • Performance is poor when you delete appearances and materials from a library.
  • Performance is poor when you copy appearances and materials between libraries.
  • Cannot edit, rename or delete an in-document asset after renaming the same asset in library.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you undo and redo to assign material and appearance to a pattern feature.
  • Duplicate Asset Name dialog box displays when you copy the same name material and appearance between documents.
  • Cannot apply appearance assets from a different language library to an object.
  • Cannot remove Stain color when you check off Stain option.
  • All system libraries turn to sick when you login as a non-English account.
  • Appearance is deleted when you delete its linked material.
  • In assembly BOM, mass properties does not update when you assign material a using the quick access tool bar.
  • The appearance dropdown list is not available when you select internal components.
  • Style Conflict dialog box displays when you create a file from a template using a material or appearance from a customized library that is removed from current project.
Multi-Sheet Plot
  • Multi-Sheet Plot tool cannot read .idw file.
Part Modeling
  • In the Insert iFeature dialog box, the help button is disabled if the iFeature is created with a legacy localization build.
  • iPart members do not show sketch and block definition.
  • iPart created from a feature with no dimension generates empty children.
  • When you measure distance in an iPart member, on the context menu Select Other is grayed out.
  • Mass calculation fails for a part that uses unpatched Rhino surface data.
  • Inventor sometimes hangs when you rebuild a pattern feature.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you edit a mirror feature.
  • Sweep creates an invalid body with some faces that are not selectable or colorable.
  • Sweep generates unexpected surfaces.
  • Min and Max values for Hole patching are not stored.
  • iFeature insert dialog will show "Create Package" instead of the description of the iFeature.
Point Cloud
  • If the region of your machine is set to German, Spanish, or Italian, the rcp point cloud files fail to attach.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you open an .ipn file.
  • If you add a sub assembly into the main assembly, and then open the associated .ipn file of the main, the structure does not update in the browser.
  • Cannot switch on and off the visibility of a sketch block when you edit the sketch.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you correct a sketch by Design Doctor.
  • Cannot create a coincident point when you attach a line to a projected point.
  • After you save an Inventor drawing file to AutoCAD Mechanical 2014 file version, in the .ini file, the version of AutoCAD Mechanical is 2013.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you open non-Inventor files with Save Components during Load option checked on.
  • When you open STEP, IGES, NX and SolidWorks files, there is no units information in the translation report.
  • When you import non-Inventor files with Create Surface as Individual Surface Bodies option selected, performance is poor.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you export a file with empty bodies to IGES and STEP file formats.
  • In a Windows 32-bit operating system, Inventor unexpectedly exits when you open an NX file with the Search below Folders to Open File option checked on.
  • Inventor fails to open .neu files more than once in the European Windows operating system.
  • No part color displays when you insert import a Solidworks file.
  • CHS Inventor installed on a CHS operating system fails to read the files from CHS SolidWorks.

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