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June 30, 2011

Autodesk Labs – Plugin of the Month

Autodesk Labs released the latest Plugin of the Month for July.

PointLinker for Inventor
Inventor can import point data from an Excel file, but once the data has been imported, the link with the Excel file is not retained. If the user then updates the point data in the Excel file, the data must be manually re-imported and the associated model re-constructed. This is a time consuming and isnefficient exercise. The Point Linker for Inventor tool allows Inventor users to import points from an Excel file, and retain a link to that file. Users can import data (as with the existing command), update with new data, or resolve to another Excel file.

It is supported by the following releases: Inventor 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

Download Now

Also, if you want to look back at older Plugins of the Month, here is the link.

Inventor Fusion 2012 SP2

Autodesk released Service Pack 2 for Inventor Fusion Technology 2012. So, if you are having issues with Inventor Fusion 2012, go and download Service Pack 2 and see if it helps things a little bit.

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 2 32-bit

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 2 64-bit

Here are some of the issues addressed by the Service Pack 2:

June 29, 2011

Inventor Publisher Viewer for Android

Autodesk announced today that they have released Inventor Publisher Viewer onto the Android Market.

Interactive 3D instructions. Right at your fingertips.
Autodesk Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer allows you to view interactive, animated 3D assembly instructions created with Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop software.
Some assembly required? Left the manuals back at the shop? Missed your last product training session? No problem.
With Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer, you can have important product information and instructions at your fingertips wherever you go. Users of the desktop version of Inventor Publisher software can easily publish and share interactive 3D instructions with others that have installed the free* Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer app via Cloud Storage or locally on their own companies’ website, e-mail or intranet.
Together, Inventor Publisher and the Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer App deliver next generation instructions for visually explaining your ideas, designs, and products. So you can:

  • Communicate how your products get assembled, used, taken apart, and serviced – or simply what’s great about them.
  • Reduce your documentation, service, support and training costs.
  • Arm your sales force with 3D to win new business.
Once you’ve experienced instructions in 3D, you’ll never look at documentation the same way again.
Autodesk Inventor Publisher Mobile Viewer comes with a small selection of sample files. To create your own 3D instructions, Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop software is required.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface 
  • Zoom, pan, & rotate in 3D using Multi-Touch
  • Play or scrub through animated sequences of step-by-step instructions
  • Double Tap on individual components for detailed part information
  • View text descriptions and annotations that can help augment 3D graphics
  • Includes sample instructions and access to an online gallery of instructions right in the app
  • Create, publish, and deliver instruction files to mobile devices using the Publish to Mobile capability of Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop PC software.
  • Store files on your device or Cloud Storage
  • Requires Android 2.1 or above. Requires OpenGL 1.1 or above. Recommended devices include: 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM.
  • Textures will only appear on Android devices with PowerVR chips when models with textures are published using R2011 and R2012 of Autodesk Inventor Publisher desktop software.

Also, Here is a YouTube video showing Inventor Publisher Viewer in action on a Android device.

June 28, 2011

Inventor of the Month - June 2011

Autodesk has named Carousel Works as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for June, recognizing the company’s use of Autodesk 3D mechanical design and visualization software to create custom wooden carousels. Carousel Works brings the highest quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail to its old-world designs.

Carousel - Carousel Works

The only company in the world that carves and paints wooden carousels by hand — most companies rely on mass manufactured fiberglass or steel components — Carousel Works is reviving a tradition nearly a century old, and is the first company to design and manufacture wooden carousels since the 1930s. Bringing modern technology into the mix, Carousel Works estimates that Autodesk software helps reduce the time required to complete a carousel by nearly 50 percent.

The Carousel Works

Inventor of the Month - June 2011 Official Press Release

Here is the YouTube video about Carousel Works.

June 10, 2011

What Languages are Supported with Inventor 2012

I seen a similar post on Shaan Hurley's - Between the Lines Blog about Supported Languages for Autocad 2012, so I thought I would do the same for Inventor 2012.

Here are the following languages supported by Inventor 2012:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese

Hope this helps some people out.

June 7, 2011

Inventor Fusion 2012 SP1

Autodesk released Service Pack 1 for Inventor Fusion Technology 2012. So, if you are having issues with Inventor Fusion 2012, go and download Service Pack 1 and see if it helps things a little bit.

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 1 32-bit

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 1 64-bit

Here are some of the issues addressed by the Service Pack 1:

June 1, 2011

Inventor Fusion Technology Preview 2012

For those that haven’t upgraded to Autodesk 2012 products yet, and want to work with Inventor Fusion 2012, here is your chance. Autodesk Labs just released Inventor Fusion Technology Preview 2012.

Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Preview 2012 is innovative, new Digital Prototyping technology that's changing the way people work with 3D mechanical design software. Inventor Fusion technology showcases intuitive direct manipulation capabilities for unrivaled ease of use, provides direct modeling for rapid design changes without limitations, and unites direct and parametric workflows within a single digital model created in Autodesk Inventor software.

Unites Direct and Parametric Workflows
With Inventor Fusion Technology Preview 2012, both direct, history-free and parametric, history-based workflows are united. The unique fusion of capabilities enables you to adopt the modeling approach that is most appropriate for the task at hand.

Now included in the Technology Preview download, Inventor Fusion change manager functionality delivers(must have Inventor 2012 installed):

  • The freedom of direct modeling with the ability to exercise control over change.
  • Automatic creation, deletion or modification of features necessary to accommodate changes.
  • Automatic update of a parametric model's feature history with each change, ensuring critical design intent is maintained.
Unrivaled Ease of Use
  • Fast, easy selection tools for direct manipulation of your design models.
  • Heads-up sketching and modeling predict your actions based on design context.
  • Intuitive, graphics-based user interface keeps your focus on the screen center.
  • Advanced graphics technology for crystal clear visualization and stunning displays.
Rapid Design Changes without Limitations
  • Direct modeling when it's the right tool for the job.
  • Quickly make unique design changes and explore "what if" scenarios.
  • Easily express your design ideas irrespective of feature order, dependencies, or original CAD system.
Download Now-Inventor Fusion Technology Preview 2012