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June 30, 2011

Inventor Fusion 2012 SP2

Autodesk released Service Pack 2 for Inventor Fusion Technology 2012. So, if you are having issues with Inventor Fusion 2012, go and download Service Pack 2 and see if it helps things a little bit.

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 2 32-bit

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 2 64-bit

Here are some of the issues addressed by the Service Pack 2:

Form Edit

Edit Edge
  • Closed circular and elliptical edges are occasionally split incorrectly.
  • Occasionally unable to edit edge on ellipse edge.
  • Under certain conditions, unable to add points on self-symmetry edges.
  • Bad result when using ribbon to enter values for move edge.
  • Symmetric split curves will be modified when forcing symmetry on other curves.
  • Glyph and HUD position changes randomly.
  • Fit points are incorrectly positioned on the symmetric edge.
  • Fit points are incorrectly positioned when modifying circle edge to ellipse edge.
  • Triad glyph position is incorrect if the component has been transformed.
Assign Symmetry
  • When symmetry fails, additional modifications will fail in the Symmetry command.
  • Twin-symmetry does not work correctly if two edges are connected.
Interoperability with Companion Products

  • Wrong material is assigned to the solid after executing the "Edit in Fusion" command and returning to Autodesk AutoCAD 2012.
  • Geometric edits on Autodesk AutoCAD files containing blocks may be incorrect.
Autodesk Simulation
  • Inventor Fusion fails to start Autodesk Simulation if the document is not saved.
  • In Change Manager workflow, Inventor fails to recognize Fusion saved files if it has been saved twice.
  • Inventor Fusion crashes when clicking "Check In/Out" if disconnected from the Autodesk Vault Server.

  • CER: Inventor Fusion crashes when dragging the fillet radius back to zero.
  • Inventor Fusion crashes when selecting solid and feature node together in Move command.
  • Path pattern doesn't work correctly if the start point of the path is dragged.
  • Inventor Fusion crashes when double clicking on the "Measure" dialog to provide a value to the Press/Pull command.
  • Under certain conditions, Inventor Fusion crashes when using the Press/Pull command with Precise Input toggled off.
  • Hole size is incorrect after doing Scale operation.
  • Locked Dimension size is incorrect after doing Scale operation.
  • Split result is incorrect if the split plane was created by "Three Points Workplane" command.
Surface: Loft
  • Surface loft direction control does not work correctly.
Surface: Revolve
  • Unable to select same entity for both Revolve profile and axis.
Surface: Stitch
  • The tolerance in Stitch command was too small. It has been increased from 0.001 cm to 0.01 inch.
Surface: Unstitch
  • Inventor Fusion crashes when using area selection in the "Unstitch" command.
  • CER: Inventor Fusion crashes when saving a file if the region and language is set to Arabic(Saudi Arabia).
  • CER: Inventor Fusion crashes when opening a file which is opened by AutoCAD.
  • The solid body within a transformed subcomponent is incorrectly positioned after moving the body to another component.
  • Body is missing after dragging and dropping a body and then executing the "Undo" command.
  • Intermittent crash when executing "Save As..." command on Autodesk AutoCAD DWG files.
  • Invisible workplanes are deleted during a Copy and Paste operation.
  • Unable to move spline if its start point and end point are on a single sketch line.
  • CER: Inventor Fusion crashes clicking the View Cube when a precise input textbox(HUD) is displayed.
  • CER: Intermittent crash when using a space mouse.
Here is also a link to the Readme file in English, if you need it in other languages here is the Link

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