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June 7, 2011

Inventor Fusion 2012 SP1

Autodesk released Service Pack 1 for Inventor Fusion Technology 2012. So, if you are having issues with Inventor Fusion 2012, go and download Service Pack 1 and see if it helps things a little bit.

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 1 32-bit

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 1 64-bit

Here are some of the issues addressed by the Service Pack 1:

Form Edit
  • Edit Edge
  • Closed circular and elliptical edges must be split prior to being edited. Failure to do so would result in a hang or a crash.
  • Unable to edit curve points after turning off symmetry mode.
  • Work plane can not always be used as a symmetry plane.
  • Twin symmetry result is not always correct.
  • Solid entry in browser changes to surface after getting error in edit edge.
Interoperability with Companion Products

  • The visual material is not retained when copying and pasting the solid from AutoCAD to Fusion.
  • While using the Inventor Fusion Add-In for AutoCAD 2012, if you "Save As..." in Inventor Fusion and then make further edits, all the changes will be lost when you "Return to AutoCAD".
  • Changes to surfaces in AutoCAD 2012 will not be retained in Inventor Fusion when editing using the Inventor Fusion Add-In for AutoCAD 2012.
  • The bodies in locked and unlocked layers do not get scaled uniformly in Inventor Fusion.
  • The model size in Inventor 2012 changes after editing in Inventor Fusion via Inventor Edit Form command.
Sketch Book Designer
  • Sketchbook Designer can not be launched by Fusion on Vista/Win7 64bit OS when UAC is on.
  • Inventor Fusion crashes when clicking "Yes" on the Vault check out dialog after editing a file without checking it out.

  • Imported surfaces are not placed in surface groups.
  • Fusion crashes during "Move To Group" operation.
  • Unable to split surface body.
  • Crash in Redo command, after Undo of Extrude when using "To" termination and "New Component" options.
  • Sphere can only be moved in one direction.
  • Components can be incorrectly scaled when select multiple associated components.
  • The scale command terminates after scaling a component and select it again in the browser.
  • When Scale value is empty in precise input, the selected entities disappear.
  • Dragging sketch line occasionally performs an area selection.
  • Panning and rotating during the Sketch Reorient command causes the tooltip to be removed and an inability to select.
  • Sketch line moves incorrectly when changing the angle dimension.
  • Area selecting in a sketch and then selecting the "Look At" command causes HUD fields flicker.
  • In German versions of Inventor Fusion 2012, STEP files can not be exported.
  • After exporting to STEP/IGES/SAT/PARASOLID/STL and reopening the file, components positions will occassionally change.
  • Crash when opening multiple IGES files if is not write permissions to the directory.
  • Model size changes after exporting to IGES format and reopening the file in Inventor Fusion.
  • Inventor Fusion occasionally crashes when opening Solidworks and Rhino files.
  • Sketch entities are difficult to see in "Dark Sky" environment.
  • When opening multiple files, the Close/ Maximize/ Minimize/ Move buttons are blocked by the Ribbon.
  • Unable to paste value to precise input textbox(HUD) using CTRL+C.
  • Unable to measure angle between face and work plane, or two work planes.
  • The selection of the holes will be removed when unchecking and then checking any parameters on Simplify dialog.
  • Text is truncated in localized 'Simplify' dialog.
  • Solid entry in browser is missing after split body, undo and redo.
Here is also a link to the Readme file

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