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May 26, 2010

Inventor 2011 Trial through Project Twitch

If your not sure about upgrading to Inventor 2011 yet, you can give it a try through Project Twitch on the Autodesk Labs website. Basically, you are trying out the software on the cloud. Very cool. Here is a link to get you there.

Project Twitch

May 25, 2010

Project Krypton

Here is a new Autodesk Labs Feature. Project Krypton for Inventor is a technology preview that provides near real-time assessments regarding manufacturing, cost, and plastic material impact integrated within the application for your plastic injection molding work. Take a look, it looks pretty interesting.

Project Krypton

May 18, 2010

Just Starting Out

Well, here I go. This is my first blog to introduce myself. I am an Autodesk Inventor enthusiast that has been working in the manufacturing field for 15 years. I started with using Autocad R10 and started with using Inventor R5.3. I mostly do all sheet metal work. On this blog I will be posting everything to do with Autodesk Inventor news and tip & tricks also. Hope you enjoy.