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June 27, 2012

Inventor of the Month - June 2012

HUNTAIRAutodesk has named Huntair, Inc. as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for June 2012 for the company’s use of Autodesk software to develop a revolutionary airflow delivery system that has the potential to reduce healthcare-acquired infections.

Huntair - a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems - leverages both Autodesk Simulation CFD and Autodesk Inventor software to develop its CLEANSUITE system that is inspired by cleanrooms used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

Huntair leverages Autodesk software to develop its CLEANSUITE system, a revolutionary airflow delivery device that can reduce healthcare-acquired infections (Photo: Business Wire)While most systems rely on multiple diffusers to deliver air, the CLEANSUITE system uses a single diffuser approach. Huntair created computational fluid dynamic (CFD) models in Autodesk Simulation CFD software to better understand the performance of its product before anything was built. Engineers also relied on Autodesk Simulation CFD models to test the CLEANSUITE system’s air temperature control. Standard air temperature in a hospital can vary as much as 10°F due to the thermal effects of lights and people. Engineers optimized the CLEANSUITE system to maintain a steady temperature from when air enters the room, to when it reaches the patient.

Huntair engineers use Autodesk Inventor software to model the modular, ceiling-hung CLEANSUITE system with integrated filtration, electrical, piping and structural equipment supports. Huntair also uses Autodesk Inventor software to market CLEANSUITE and show their model to their customers.

Huntair, Inc.

Inventor of the Month - June 2012 Official Press Release

Here is a YouTube video about Huntair, Inc.

Image Credits: Autodesk, Huntair Inc.

June 15, 2012

Inventor 2013 Update 1 Released

Autodesk just released Update 1 for Inventor 2013. Not sure if this is to be considered as Service Pack 1 or just an interim to get us by until SP1 gets released. Anyhow, here is what is addressed in Update 1:
  • Updating the assembly does not clear out the update sign
  • Incorrect texture scale applied during migration
  • Responses to dialog prompts are not being remembered
  • Region and Language setting not being honored
  • Inventor Optimization not recognizing license
  • Add Hole to an existing Hole Table is not functioning
  • Missing Face-Edge connectors for Midsurface gaps that have an angle between faces
  • File New dialog does not list templates from a networked location
  • Repeated prompting on opening read-only Tube & Pipe data when "Prompt for Recomputable Updates" Save option is checked
  • Edit with Frame Generator fails when working with custom Content Center library & materials
  • Frame Generator Member parts do not honor the selected custom material
  • Content Center refresh does not refresh Content Center part material after user selects the correct material library
  • Use of custom library shows incorrect density on physical iProperties
  • Graphic slices shown on parts with singularities
  • Materials & Appearances are not being updated properly from style library
  • Appearance thumbnails from custom library are not showing the correct colors - all gray**
    • **After Update 1 is installed edit thumbnails in-document & copy back to the library to fully resolve.
  • CER: Unexpected exit when suppressing some features at the same time
  • CER: Unexpected exit when add constraint preview
  • CER: Chamfer: Unexpected exit when measure during preview
  • CER: Unexpected exit after deleting broken view
  • CER: Unexpected exit when open assembly with updating
  • CER: Unexpected exit from undo after opening multiple AutoCAD DWG files
  • CER: Unexpected exit when rotate with 3D mouse and select a face
  • CER: Unexpected exit resulting from removing default Material/Appearance Libraries
  • Unexpected exit when importing unresolved file with Inventor Apprentice API
Here is a link to download Update 1 for Inventor 2013 - Click Here...
Both the 32-bit and 64-bit are included in the download.

Here is a link for the Readme File - Click Here...

Update: Just got word from the Being Inventive Team that this is a first in a series of updates that will be made available before a service pack is released. The frequency of the updates will be higher than the frequency of service packs. This particular Update1 is a must have for users that have problems with Material and Color migration amongst other things.

June 5, 2012

AutoCAD 2012 SP2 Released

Autodesk released Service Pack 2 for AutoCAD 2012 in late May. Here are the details regarding what is included in the Service Pack 2.

Here is the link to download AutoCAD 2012 SP2 32-bit, Click Here...
Here is the link to download AutoCAD 2012 SP2 64-bit, Click Here...

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here…

Follow the break to see the issues addressed by SP2.