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August 26, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012 SP1 Available

Autodesk just released Service Pack 1 for all applications of Inventor 2012 software.

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here…

Here is the link to download Inventor 2012 SP1 32-bit, Click Here...
Here is the link to download Inventor 2012 SP1 64-bit, Click Here...

August 25, 2011

Inventor of the Month - August 2011

Autodesk has named IPT, Illini Prosthetic Technologies, a nonprofit organization, as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for August 2011 for the company’s use of Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical design software in developing a more affordable and more easily fitted prosthetic arm for below-elbow amputees, particularly those living in developing nations.

By creating digital prototypes of its prosthetic arm with Inventor, IPT has been able to streamline its product design process and create working physical prototypes that successfully incorporate and balance affordability, durability and flexibility - all important factors for users in developing countries.

IPT, Illini Prosthetic Technologies

Inventor of the Month - August 2011 Official Press Release

Here is the YouTube video about IPT, Illini Prosthetic Technologies.

August 22, 2011

Center Point Rectangle V3

Here is an add-in for Autodesk Inventor that should be built into the core of Inventor from the beginning. Thanks to Brian Hall, aka: @QubeIt we now have this functionality. Center Point Rectangle is now on Version 3.

Center Point Rectangle has four rectangle drawing commands that are used inside the sketch environment. The four commands are listed below:
Center Point Rectangle: This command draws a rectangle about the origin of where the user picks. It constrains the rectangle by adding a vertical and horizontal alignment constraint to
one of the vertical and horizontal lines respectively as well as a coincident constraint to the geometry that the user selects.
Diagonal Center Point Rectangle: This command draws a rectangle about the origin of where the user picks and adds a diagonal construction line that goes from one corner to the opposite corner with a sketch point constrained to the mid-point of the diagonal line.
Horizontal Mid-Point Rectangle: This command draws a rectangle that starts from the mid-point of one of the horizontal lines of the rectangle. A sketch point is then added and constrained to that line’s mid-point.
Vertical Mid-Point Rectangle: This command draws a rectangle that starts from the mid-point of one of the vertical lines of the rectangle. A sketch point is then added and constrained to that line’s mid-point.

Version 3 now supports Autodesk Inventor 2010, 2011, & 2012. You can download this Add-In at mCADForums.com. He has also included the source code for this Add-In if you want to do some tweaking on it yourself. Hope you enjoy.

Here are some videos showing the functionality of the Center Point Rectangle Add-In.
Here is a video showing the basics of the Center Point Rectangle Add-In.

Here is a video showing the changes that were made in Version 2.

Here is a video showing the changes that were made for Version 3.

August 17, 2011

AutoCAD WS for Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad & Android Updated to Version 1.3

AutoCAD WS for the Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad & Android has been updated to Version 1.3.

You can go to the Apple Website to get it downloaded - AutoCAD WS Apple, also the Android Market. You can go to the AutoCAD WS website to learn more about it - AutoCAD WS. You can also check it out on their YouTube channel at Autodesk AutoCAD WS YouTube.

Here is What's New in Version 1.3:
  • Units typing - Draw and edit accurately by entering exact units and measurements
  • Layer management - Toggle layers on/off or toggle layer visibility
  • Area measurement – accurately measure an area on your drawing
  • File management – rename, duplicate, and delete files from your mobile device

Here also is a YouTube video showing What's New in Version 1.3.

AU 2011 Class Catalog is Live

The preview version of the Autodesk University 2011 class catalog is now live. View it now and begin planning out your AU schedule.

Class space at AU is limited so plan to sign up when AU registration goes live for AU members on August 30.

Highlights for AU 2011 include:
  New! Classes on: 
  • Advanced features and workflows
  • Cloud, mobile technologies, and visualization
  • Autodesk Certification preparation
New! Innovation Forums
New! AU Leadership Forum
New! Media & Entertainment Developer Network Conference

View the Catalog - Click Here

Remember, early registration for AU members starts one week before general registration. Plan to register starting August 30, 2011.

My First Inventor Plug-In Training

While working inside of Inventor, have you ever wondered, why isn't there a function for this. If there was an add-in tool it would make my life so much easier. Well, here is you chance to learn something new. With this self-paced tutorial guide you can have a smooth introduction into the programming world.

“My First Plug-in” is a “one-stop shop” learning path for users who know Autodesk products but are absolutely new to programming and are thinking about taking the plunge. In this guide, you will be working with the Autodesk Inventor COM API and the Visual Basic programming language.
My First Inventor Plug-in Overview

Here is what is covered in the learning path:

Lesson 1: The Basic Plug-in
Lesson 2: Programming Overview
Lesson 3: A First Look at Code
Lesson 4: UI’s and Coding Logic
Lesson 5: Adding Attributes
Lesson 6: My Final Plug-in
Lesson 7: Learning More

The only software you need to have installed is:
Autodesk Inventor
Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express

August 3, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012 Books

Now that Autodesk Inventor 2012 has been out for a while, the authors have had the time to get their books updated with all the latest features. Here is a breakdown of all of the books available in Paperback and on the Kindle E-Book Reader. Alot of good selections out there.

Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2012 and Autodesk Inventor LT 2012, By: Curtis Waguespack

Paperback, Price: $49.17
 Kindle E-Book, Price: $44.25

Autodesk Inventor 2012 and Inventor LT 2012 Essentials, By: Thom Tremblay

Paperback, Price: $30.73
Kindle E-Book, Price: $27.49

Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012: Part 1 and Part 2, By: Wasim Younis

Part 1, Price: $39.20
Part 2, Price: $43.02

Autodesk Inventor 2012 Essentials Plus, By: Daniel T. Banach, Travis Jones, Alan J. Kalameja

Paperback, Price: $67.26

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2012, By: Randy Shih

Paperback, Price: $47.25

All of these selections are available in my Inventor Topix Store.