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August 26, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012 SP1 Available

Autodesk just released Service Pack 1 for all applications of Inventor 2012 software.

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here…

Here is the link to download Inventor 2012 SP1 32-bit, Click Here...
Here is the link to download Inventor 2012 SP1 64-bit, Click Here...

Here are the Issues addressed by the Service Packs…

Tube & Pipe
  • CER: A crash occurs when you make a Tube & Pipe Run assembly adaptive on 64-bit systems.
  • A crash occurs in the Tube & Pipe environment when you reset the ribbon.
  • The BOM structure attribute “Phantom” does not persistently save to a Tube & Pipe Run assembly.
Cable & Harness
  • When there are many segments in one Harness, automatic route performance slows.
Stress Analysis
  • A crash occurs after you change parameters in a certain order in the Animate dialog box.
  • Graphics become inconsistent after using Animate, then Convergence.
  • The Guide search function fails in the Simplified Chinese version of Inventor.
  • Legacy result files and folders are not purged from disk after re-solving and saving.
  • Legacy loads from 2009 or earlier releases are not recognized if results are not present.
  • Meshing fails for a circular fillet weld.
  • Cannot create a probe in specific areas in certain simulations.
  • The warning message "...different number of bodies than base configuration." displays when solving a parametric component instance pattern with a decreasing number of instances.
Dynamic Simulation
  • The Browser pane is blank after undo then redo of entering this environment.
  • In Windows 7, a crash occurs when you edit a load location To or From a grounded component.
  • Inventor crashes when you change the ejector type from anti-rotation, using the check box to turn On to Off.
  • Nothing displays in the graphics area after creating a 2D drawing for a mold assembly on a localized build.
  • Runner Balance Analysis does not work if you install only Autodesk Moldflow Advisor 2012.
Frame Analysis
  • Custom Constraint does not allow a degree of freedom with stiffness unless another degree of freedom is fixed.
  • After you generate a report with images, memory is not released.
  • Unable to edit Gravity magnitude.
  • Cannot create a radius dimension on circular drawing curves projected from spline edges.
  • Document.SaveAs does not return an error when the file folder specified to save to is write-protected.
  • Selecting a curve segment from a Drawing Curve results in selection of the wrong segment if the segment originates from a silhouette edge.
  • SurfaceEvaluator.GetParamAtPoint does not work correctly with .Net programs when the GuessParams argument is not initialized with valid values. An uninitialized array usually indicates that there are no guess parameters.
  • OnFileResolution events incorrectly honor the reference relation for iPart/iAssembly factory files.
  • You cannot change specific file metadata related to file paths, which creates problems with the Make Part and Make Component commands.
  • The OnPopulateFileMetadata event does not work correctly for the Make Part, Make Component or Copy Components commands.
  • SketchedSymbols.Add always inserts a symbol in activeSheet.
  • Unable to set the value of a parameter when placing an iFeature through the API.
  • CustomParameterGroup.Delete does not delete Boolean and text parameters.
  • When closing 64-bit Inventor, you are not prompted to save any VBA projects that have been edited.
Assembly Modeling
  • Visibility of elements in an assembly pattern is not turned on if the pattern is invisible.
  • Edit of the extrude feature to 'Between' faces fails.
  • iCopy components are not in the expected position after editing iCopy.
  • iCopy uses the wrong components to construct the assembly patterns.
  • In an iAssembly with a pattern of pattern elements, BOM QTY for all members is equal to the active member.
  • A crash occurs after you edit a Mirror Fillet feature and then recreate the Mirror feature.
  • CER: A crash occurs when you open an assembly with an unresolved component.
  • NG: In an assembly pattern, when the total count of the component occurrences becomes too large, the performance is very slow.
  • When Format is set as Fractional in the Custom Property Format dialog box, the wrong drop-down list displays.
  • It is necessary to turn off the visibility twice before it works.
Content Center
  • A crash occurs when you set the "Content Center Files" folder to a shared read only folder.
Direct Manipulation
  • In the More tab within the Extrude dialog box, when you specify the taper angle with the Asymmetric option, the Shape tab opens.
  • CER: A crash occurs in the Assemble command while using a 3D Connexion space mouse.
  • The Hole command keeps the Through All termination type as the default in the Inventor session.
  • CER: Inventor crashes after you click a manipulator when the Face view activates.
  • When the default chamfer type is Two Distance and you select an edge and then invoke chamfer, the selection disappears.
  • After you apply a fillet, the extended section of the fillet type in the dialog box does not persist.
  • When using Select Other with a mouse scroll wheel, some of the selection choices are skipped.
  • The mini-toolbar disappears after creating a new in-place part.
Drawing Manager
  • A bitmap is not visible in the title block if it is not pre-existent in the drawing.
  • Center marks dimension incorrectly to the ends of a slot or the end of a shaft.
  • The tolerance on a retrieved dimension does not update on section views.
  • CER: A crash occurs during View Update in Memory Save mode.
  • Inventor crashes when you close it directly with drawing files open.
  • NG: A drawing symbol is highlighted in Symbols Ribbon panel even when not active.
Enhanced Visualization
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you create drawing views.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when editing a sketch after several undo and redo commands.
  • CER: Inventor crashes if D3DX9.dll or D3D10_42.dll is missing.
  • Inventor crashes when you create a new file if the Inventor installation path contains Chinese or Japanese characters.
  • Inventor sometimes crashes when you open a file twice with all shadows and image-based lighting turned on simultaneously.
  • The view changes when you zoom or rotate the model under ray tracing.
  • The transparency of ClientGraphics is incorrect after calling GraphicsNode.RenderStyle.
  • CER: Inventor crashes if you zoom a model in the Shaded with Hidden Edges visual style.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you project hidden edges.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you close it directly with some drawing files open.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you open Application Options with Quality or Performance set in the Hardware settings.
  • Assembly models have transparency problems if you assign native mesh materials to some parts.
  • The ESKD parts list does not recognize virtual components.
Eco Materials Advisor
  • Inventor crashes when you invoke the Eco Materials Adviser on the Windows XP 64-bit operating system. To address this issue the new version can be downloaded from the Autodesk Eco Materials Adviser web site.
  • A crash occurs when executing the Edit View command from the marking menu to a selected drawing view in an AutoCAD DWG file.
  • A crash occurs when opening a part file with over 2000 iFeature files in the iFeature Catalog.
  • On the ribbon, Symbols panel, a drawing symbol highlights when it is not active.
  • After a deployment installation, only the user who installed the program has access to customized preferences.
  • CER: A crash occurs when you quickly activate the Open Document list two or more times from the Document tabs.
  • Checkmarks are missing for dimension options when they are turned on in the marking menu.
  • iFeature commands do not persist in the User Commands panel when they are added with other Ribbon commands.
  • In the Presentation environment, in the marking menu, a component marked invisible does not become visible when you turn on the Visibility option.
  • The marking menu is not customizable in a new modeling environment by the Inventor API.
  • Non-localized strings display in the Autodesk Material Library dialog box.
  • Route and Hose marking menu are missing in the Tube & Pipe modeling environment.
  • Shortcut keys Ctrl+X/C/V do not work in the InfoCenter search box.
  • Shortcut keys for iFeature and Macro commands do not persist when restarting Inventor.
  • The Factory add-in: Layout/Simulation still loads on Inventor startup despite having disabled the "Load Automatically" option in the Add-In Manager dialog.
  • The Redefine Feature command is exposed to UCS work features in the marking menu.
  • CER: The Inventor license activation dialog crashes after changing the display resolution.
  • Browser flyout menu shows up incorrectly in the main display while Inventor works in the secondary display.
  • Feature dialog box is always docking to top-left position in the graphic view window.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you open a corrupted or incomplete assembly document.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you expand the assembly tree in Design Assistant after the referenced assembly is closed in Inventor.
Frame Generator
  • If you change a frame member size, constraints are lost.
  • Inventor crashes when you cancel the Miter dialog box on a French operating system.
  • Length does not update to the correct parameters for a Frame member.
  • CER: After you close a drawing that contains an iLogic form with parameters, Inventor crashes when you use Undo and Redo to edit a dimension.
  • iLogic Design Copy does not work on 64-bit machines.
  • Cannot apply a value to a custom property starting with "_".
Part Modeling
  • Inventor crashes if you click a parameter command after you break the link with the base component.
  • When a solid becomes a surface because of a deleted face, the surface body folder is not created.
  • To insert a PDF file as an OLE link with Abode Reader X, first install the Microsoft hotfix for Knowledge Base article 2457836.
  • CER: Inventor crashes if you activate any row of an iAssembly.
  • CER: Inventor sometimes crashes if you edit a Taper Thread hole made with Inventor 11.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when you create a thread hole or thread feature after you edit the thread.xls using Planmaker.
  • Parameters for assembly sketches are not displayed in the parameters dialog box.
  • Features based on sketches do not update when Projection to 3D Sketch is enabled.
  • When multiple version of Fusion are installed on a system, the wrong version is sometimes invoked for Solid Edit.
  • When using Select Other with a mouse scroll wheel, some of the selection choices are skipped.
  • Mini-toolbar disappears after creating a new in-place part.
  • Assembly visibility control is broken under the marking menu.
Repair Environment
  • Boundary Trim does not show a preview of the result.
  • If a sketch is not closed, and the endpoints are off the curve, a general problem exists with including tolerant geometry as the included sketch geometry. The fix is to ensure the start and end control points of a closed loop are coincident.
  • CER: A crash occurs when you create a sketch block with deleted patterns geometry.
  • Midpoint constraints in 3D sketches are not solving correctly.
  • CER: Inventor crashes when rendering a large assembly.
  • A crash occurs when you export to IGS/STP in the Engineer's Notebook environment.
  • CER: Inventor sometimes crashes while exporting to PDF.
  • Inventor is unable to read SolidWorks 2011 files.
  • When reading JT files that contain many disconnected shells within a single body, performance is slow.
  • After importing an MDT file, sketch dimensions and radial dimensions are missing.
  • Publishing a PDF of the current sheet updates all sheets in the drawing.
  • When you save an Inventor Assembly in the CATIA V5 format, and the files contain modeling errors, you cannot export some components.
  • Importing a CATIA V5 file sometimes results in an incorrect face normal.
  • Switching visibility of sub-assemblies or parts in an imported assembly throws a message about design view representation associativity.
  • The options for export face and surface change when you save as DWG/DXF.
  • User-customized iProperties are ignored in JT import and export.
  • Very poor performance occurs when exporting Inventor .dwg as AutoCAD Mechanical .dwg with the option "Parts only" checked.
  • CER: A crash occurs when you open CATIA V5 R20 files that are created with a service pack or hotfix.
  • The image in the drawing is not correctly exported to PDF.
  • Corrupted files are created when generating new DWF files in batch mode.

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