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August 30, 2012

Inventor of the Month - August 2012

Ellis Furniture leverages Autodesk Inventor software to offer greater levels of product customization to its customers and create high-quality furniture that fits their needs. (Photo: Business Wire)Autodesk has named Ellis Furniture, a U.K. based furniture company in business for more than a century as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for August 2012 for using Autodesk Inventor as part of Autodesk Product Design Suite to offer greater levels of product customization in significantly less time.

This speed enables Ellis to rapidly explore a number of design options for its customers, ranging from luxury hotels to government institutions, and create high-quality furniture that not only fits their precise needs, but is designed to last a lifetime.

Using Autodesk software, the company estimates that it is able to clarify initial product design concepts with customers 20 percent faster and establish material sources and material costs 30 to 40 percent faster. Ellis’ manufacturing process, including generating a bill of materials (BOM) and preparing design files for computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools with Autodesk software, takes 80 percent less time.

StudentThe rules-based design automation capabilities of Inventor software enable an efficient workflow where intelligent data behind each furniture design is fed into Ellis’ ERP system. This fully digital process eliminates manual data entry, reduces errors and speeds up turnaround time, even as the company gives its customers greater freedom to express their design intent and personalize their furniture offerings.
When one of its larger university customers required a vast array of size and color permutations for a new range of furniture, Ellis was able to develop a base model in Inventor software and tailor it until the university was satisfied. Likewise, when one of its military customers urgently needed a new range of bedroom furniture, Ellis was able to complete the models in Autodesk Inventor within a week and go straight into manufacturing with total confidence and without delays on the shop floor. Two weeks later, the units were being shipped to the other side of the world.

Ellis Furniture

Inventor of the Month - August 2012 Official Press Release

Here is a YouTube video about Ellis Furniture

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