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August 21, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 SP1 Released

Updated-SP1.1 is now released

AutoCAD SP1.1 Link

Delayed-Autodesk Pulled Download

Will update later when it is re-released.

Autodesk has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for AutoCAD 2013. Here are the details regarding what is included in the SP1.

Follow the break to see the issues addressed by SP1.

3D Navigation Tools
  • The Keep Scene Upright option in the 3DConnexion Settings dialog box cannot not be changed.
3D Modeling
  • Issue with the centroid computation for 3D solids.
Action Recorder
  • Action macros recorded in previous releases are not working correctly in AutoCAD 2013.
Autodesk 360
  • Pressing F1 does not display Help for the ONLINESYNCSETTINGS dialog box.
  • Drawing files with names containing language-specific characters do not get saved to Autodesk 360.
  • User is not automatically logged in when launching Autodesk 360 from the AutoCAD ribbon.
  • Sometimes the Share Drawing dialog box opens behind the main application window.
Customization Sync
  • Customization Sync progress animation runs continuously.
  • Customization Sync does not sync new custom commands in tool palettes.
DGN Support
  • Export to DGN does not use the Global Origin specified in the seed file.
  • The DGNIMPORTUNITCONVERSION system variable is missing in AutoCAD LT.
Display Drivers
  • Integrated chipsets are unable to return available video memory correctly.
  • When using COPYCLIP and PASTECLIP on a 64-bit operating system, you might see the object color change from the original color.
  • Existing drawings lose Qleader settings when edited in AutoCAD 2013.
  • Dimensions created using the Perpendicular object snap will shift when the drawing geometry is moved, copied, or otherwise modified.
  • External reference drawings (XREFs) show as unresolved in AutoCAD 2013.
  • The Hatch Preview option is not available from the context menu when creating a hatch.
  • An object's angular property uses linear format instead of angular format in the Field dialog box.
  • Multileaders incorrectly display a dot at the content block's insertion point.
  • If the Extend Leaders to Text option is turned on, the text in multileaders moves if the drawing is opened or edited in AutoCAD 2013.
  • The SCALE command gets cancelled while dragging when small scale factor is acquired with object snap turned on.
PDF Export
  • Plotting to a PDF file with a plot style causes wipeouts to appear black.
  • Slow performance while running a large script.
  • Slow performance while creating Layers quickly.
  • Using Plot Preview turns the Command window back on.
Properties Pallette
  • When an object is selected, the tooltip is missing in the Properties Palette for the following languages: Traditional Chinese, Czech, Russian, and Hungarian.
  • The Visibility drop-down control on the Block Editor Ribbon is not working properly when property preview is enabled.
  • Pressing Shift with a window selection fails to remove multiple Drawing Views from the selection set on a layout.
Sheet Set Manager
  • A high network utilization will result with the SMB V2 (Server Message Block) protocol while working with the Sheet Set Manager.
Visual Lisp
  • Menucmd does not display the drop-down menu when the Command window is docked.
  • Error on launching AutoCAD after the QuickCalc palette is anchored.
  • INSBASE value is incorrect for a drawing created using -WBLOCK.

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