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March 22, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012-New Features Overview

Here is a breakdown of the new elements that are in Inventor 2012. I will be breaking down each section later in other posts.
User Interface and ProductivityInventor2012_boxshot_150x295
  • Inventor Help Experience
  • Marking Menu
  • Custom Settings
  • Enhanced Mini-Toolbars
  • Dialog Boxes
  • ‘Select Other’ Behavior
  • Performance: Raster Drawing Views
  • Orientation of Drawing Views
  • Rotation of Drawing Views with Sketches
  • Origin Mark for Ordinate Dimension Sets
  • Wizard to Copy iLogic Designs
  • iLogic Custom User Interface Forms
  • View Display
Enhanced Modeling
  • Model Repair Tools
  • 2D Sketch
  • Boundary Patch Command
  • G2 Variable Radius Fillets
  • box
  • Mirror Fillets
  • Extended Feature Names
  • Face Draft Enhancements
  • Display Failed Feature
  • Boss Enhancements
  • Project to 3D Sketch
  • Rib Enhancements
  • Sweep Along Edge
  • Design View Representations in Parts
  • Section Views: Move section planes
  • AutoCAD Import
  • Updated Translators
  • Rhino File Translation
  • OmniClass Table
  • Export Building Components
  • Retain Joints
  • Continuous Load Improvements
  • Frame Analysis Probes
  • Beam Model Improvements
  • Customization of Beam Properties
  • Sign Convention in Frame Analysis Results
  • Geometry Healing and Meshing
  • Guide
  • In-canvas Tools
  • Material Selector
  • Select faces to create an insert automatically
  • Tooling Analysis Results in Moldflow Communicator
  • Export 3D Model to Moldflow Insight
  • Runner Balancing
  • Mold Base Author
  • Cooling Channel Check
  • Cooling Channel Metric Threads
  • Patching and Runoff Surface Color
  • User Mold Base
  • Edit Moldable Part
  • Transition from Part to Mold
  • Multiple Locating Rings
  • Define Workpiece Setting Enhancement
  • Retain Last Input Value
  • Gate Location X,Y,Z
  • Place Plastic Part
  • Ordinate dimensions
  • Surface Patches with Sketch Geometry and Silhouette Curve
  • Runoff Surface with Sketch Geometry and Silhouette Curve
Autodesk Inventor 2012-New Features Part 1-User Interface and Productivity
Autodesk Inventor 2012-New Features Part 2-Enhanced Modeling
Autodesk Inventor 2012-New Features Part 3-Interoperability,Simulation,Sustainability
Autodesk Inventor 2012-New Features Part 4-Tooling

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  1. I have recently moved from Solidworks to Autodesk Product suite Ultimate.Is there anyway to convert lines to Frames. I have seen this feature in solidworks.


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