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March 23, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2012-New Features Part 4-Tooling

Select faces to create an insert automatically
You can use the By Shape method to select all the faces required to create an insert automatically. Use the Face Set Tool selectors to select the Seed and Boundary faces. If the boundary faces are adjacent to the seed faces, check Automatic profile loops before selecting to chain the faces.
Tooling Analysis Results in Moldflow Communicator
You can export analysis results to a Moldflow Communicator file.
With Moldflow Communicator, a free viewer, others on the design team can visualize, quantify, and compare simulation results. Sharing the data improves collaboration with the extended design team.
Export 3D Model to Moldflow Insight
You can export the 3D mold base information to Moldflow Insight for cooling analysis.
-The mold block is exported by default.
-Specify the inserts, cooling system and components to export.
-If necessary, you can add hose definitions in the dialog box before export.
-The export process removes unnecessary hole features from the core/cavity solid.
Open the file with Moldflow Insight to validate and optimize plastic parts, injection molds, and the injection molding process.

Runner Balancing
If Moldflow Adviser is installed on the system, you can use the Runner Balance command to perform a runner balance analysis on a multi-cavity or family mold design.
After the analysis completes, apply the results to balance the flow into each cavity and achieve uniform part quality.
Mold Base Author
The command Mold Base Author identifies the members of an assembly as mold base components, and specifies the alignment options and mold base structure. This command is available in two locations:
-In an assembly, choose the Manage tab.
-In a mold design, choose the Mold Assembly tab, Author panel.
Cooling Channel Check
Use the Cooling Channel Check command to analyze the distance between cooling channels and other elements of the mold base.
Specify the Minimum Distance and then check for clearance, spacing, interference, and other violations. Right-click an error in the report and use Find in Window to locate the error in the graphics window.
The Cooling Channel Check supports three types of checking:
-Safety Check
-Cooling System
Cooling Channel Metric Threads
You can use metric threads in the cooling channel.
-To list the tapered thread options, select Taper Thread.
-To list straight thread options, clear the check box for Taper Thread.
Patching and Runoff Surface Color
You can control the color of patching and runoff surfaces.
Before you create the core/cavity, right-click a browser entry, select Change Display Color, and set the individual or group surface color. The assigned colors persist when you create the core/cavity.
User Mold Base
Create an assembly, and use the User Mold Base command to place as a mold base. Before placement:
-Use options in the dialog box to enable or disable automatic constraints.
-Use the Mold Base Author command to specify the component type and alignment.
Edit Moldable Part
The command Edit Moldable Part, on the Core/Cavity tab, Parting Design panel, activates the moldable part file (MP) and turns off the visibility of other components.
Choose this command to edit the body of the moldable part, and create hole patching and runoff surfaces in the MP file.
Transition from Part to Mold
Create Mold Design on the part Tools panel provides a smooth transition between part modeling and mold design. Choose this command to enter the mold design environment directly from the source part file.
Multiple Locating Rings
Select a concentric reference and place multiple locating rings in the same command.
To place multiple locating rings, select the base face, a concentric reference, and then choose apply.
Define Workpiece Setting Enhancement
An option, By References, is added to the Define Workpiece Setting dialog box, Reference drop-down menu. Use the new option to:
-Define a workpiece based on selected elements of the plastic part.
-Define a workpiece based on multiple selected elements of the plastic part. Turn on Multiple references to select more than one reference.
Retain Last Input Value
The commands Gate, Cold Well, and Cooling Channel are enhanced. The dialog box for these commands retains the last input value for the current session.
Gate Location X,Y,Z
An option to display and edit the gate location as X,Y,Z values is available in the Gate Location dialog box.
-To display or edit the value as X,Y,Z coordinates, select the X,Y,Z check box.
-To display and edit the position as U,V (ratio on an edge) values, clear the check box.
Place Plastic Part
There are three alignment choices for the Plastic Part command.
-Align with Product Centroid (default)
-Align with Part CSYS (coordinate system)
-Align with Work Reference
Ordinate dimensions
You can now use the Mold or Part coordinate system as the origin for ordinate dimensions. Right-click when you place the plastic part in the mold assembly to determine which coordinate system is used for the mold.
Surface Patches with Sketch Geometry and Silhouette Curve
You can use any combination of 2D or 3D sketch geometry and silhouette curves to create a surface patch.
To generate a silhouette curve, create a patching surface manually and select a face where no edge exists. The curve is used with 2D or 3D sketch geometry to create a surface patch.
Runoff Surface with Sketch Geometry and Silhouette Curve
You can use any combination of 2D or 3D sketch geometry and silhouette curves to create a runoff surface.
To generate a silhouette curve, create a runoff surface manually and select a face where no edge exists. The curve is used with 2D or 3D sketch geometry to create a runoff surface.

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