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March 27, 2014

Product Design Suite 2015

Autodesk is making a few changes to its offering of Product Design Suite 2015. To start off, it is now down to just two editions, Premium and Ultimate. Anyone that was on the Standard Edition of Product Design Suite 2014, essentially this becomes Product Design Suite 2015 Premium and anyone that was on Premium or Ultimate Product Design Suite 2014, this become Product Design Suite 2015 Ultimate. Also some products were removed from all of the packages. The products that were removed are Showcase, Sketchbook Designer, Mudbox, and Alias Design. If you were on subscription and received these product before they will be offering a promotion where if you need these you can get them by just paying for a subscription cost for those products individually.

To see a video explaining the changes to Product Design Suite 2015, Click Here...
To find out more about Product Design Suite 2015, Click Here...
Image Credits: Autodesk

1 comment:

  1. Autodesk sticks a whole lot more into the Product Design Suite Ultimate than they list which acts like a virus on my workstation. Stealing my mouse functions and in general making everything work very slowly. I can not seem to find a listing of all items included in the suite.
    So I have removed PDS 2015 from my workstation. Autodesk did include a needed removal tool which worked quite well.


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