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March 12, 2014

AutoCAD 2014 for Mac Service Pack 1

Autodesk has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for AutoCAD 2014 for Mac.

Here is a link to download AutoCAD 2014 for Mac SP1, Click Here...

Here is a link to download AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac SP1, Click Here...

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here…

This update resolves compatibility issues on the new Mac OS X Mavericks, as well as the issues that have been reported while using the software on the latest versions of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It also resolves problems reported by the Customer Error Reporting (CER) utility and other general problems identified after AutoCAD 2014 for Mac was made available.

Here are the details regarding what is included in SP1.

Problems Reported with the Customer Error Reporting Utility:

  • Crash when making blocks in some situation.
  • Crash when copy/paste in some drawings.
  • Random crash during drawing and editing.
  • Crash at startup due to some user profiles missing.
  • Random crash at startup when getting the Display Card information.
  • Crash when click the viewport control label.

General Service Pack Updates:

  • Align command missing in LT.
  • Image underlay shows twisted or white/black bands when zooming in canvas.
  • Cannot activate AutoCAD with some suite serial number, like Education Master suite serial number.
  • System animation(scrolling or switching desktop) glitches after force quit AutoCAD in some situation.
  • Typo in lynda.com link in AutoCAD.
  • Mis-use of Lucida Grande font.
  • AutoCAD hangs when plotting drawings in some situation.
  • Plot stamp now shows the system time on local machine.
  • Image underlay is not fully displayed in plotted result.


  1. Your links to download are broken. The LT link seems ok.

  2. Actually the link from Autodesk is broken, I will keep checking to make sure mine stays updated in case they change paths. Thanks Brian.


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