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May 8, 2013

Autodesk Labs - Design Checker for Inventor

Design Checker for Inventor software is a free technology preview of a productivity solution used to give a designer insight into the adherence of standards for the product being designed. Live checking provides instant feedback on the adherence to company and customer standards, as well as ensures a high level of quality for the entire design process.

Design Checker can be configured to define not only what type of features are checked, but also the standards that dictate if a check passes or fails. Custom checks can also be defined. These configurations are stored in a Profile and can be separated into different work environments (Parts, Drawings, Assemblies). This allows Profiles to be created that define different checks for different product types, different customers, or any other end user variances. By changing profiles, Design Checker checks the models based on the rules defined in that profile.

Right now Design Checker is available for Inventor 2013 & Inventor 2012. If the Labs team need more of a wider audience they will include Inventor 2014 at a later date. This technology preview will operate until February 10, 2014.

Download Design Checker for Inventor 2012 or Inventor 2013

Image Credits: Autodesk Labs

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