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April 23, 2013

AutoCAD 2014 What's New Document

I have now posted the What's New document on my website for everybody to view. You can either access it on my separate page where all of the What's New documents are posted dating back all the way to AutoCAD 2004, Link Here...

Or, you can access just the 2014 version directly from here, AutoCAD 2014 What's New

I will be posting the Inventor 2014 What's New when it becomes available.


  1. Now, waiting for a book by Sham Tickoo. I always found the explanation of all the enhancements in the Software through his books. You guys can also find the information on cadcim.com

  2. CadLearning has also released a comprehensive e-book with 38 lessons which include embedded videos, text, images and interactive galleries about the features of AutoCAd 2014. If you think it could be of interest for your readers, please take a look – http://www.cadlearning.com/autocad-2014-new-features.


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