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November 9, 2011

Updated Autodesk Labs - Launchpad for Autodesk Product Design Suite

The Autodesk Labs project called Launchpad for Autodesk Product Design Suite has been updated.
Here is the original post that I did on LaunchPad Technology Preview.

It can be download from here. LaunchPad Technology Preview

Also, here is another write-up about the update from Steve Bedder:
Autodesk Manufacturing Blog

Following are the updates:

Inventor Template Options: Users can set the default part, assembly, and drawing templates that are used for Inventor-related workflows.
Inventor Project Support: Users can set the Inventor Project file when they start an Inventor-related workflow.
Scalable Desktop Icon: The LaunchPad desktop icon is now scalable to accommodate different screen configurations.
New One-click Workflows: With this update, the LaunchPad offers two sets of one-click workflows, each supporting different industry design tasks.
  • Machine Design: For users who typically work with a variety of 2D and 3D data to design, engineer, analyze, and simulate machines.
  • Plastic Part Design: For users who need to transform concept designs and styled surface models of molded plastic parts into engineered, manufacture-ready solid models.
The following NEW Plastic Part Design workflows are available in this technology preview update:


Capture your product and graphic concepts using Sketchbook Designer. Sketchbook combines vector and raster workflows to provide an effective way to communicate design ideas. Start a blank sketch or import raster or AutoCAD DWG data.


Import an Inventor model or other 3D model into Alisa Design to use as reference data for technical surfaces. The selected model is loaded into Alias Design where you can use it to build your surface data.


Import Alias wire data into Inventor to transform your technical surface data into manufacture-ready solid models. Associativity is maintained so that changes to the Alias .wire file are consumed by Inventor.


The selected 3D model is loaded into Inventor with the ECO Materials Adviser active. The ECO Materials Adviser evaluates environmental impact of you material selections allowing you to make informed decisions.


The Inventor Stress Analysis environment simulates the structural behavior of your 3D model under specified loads and conditions. The selected Inventor part or assembly is loaded into the Stress Analysis environment where you can add loads and conditions to define the simulation.


Create 2D documentation of your 3D models in Inventor. The selected part, assembly, or presentation file is used to automatically create the first view of the drawing. You can customize the scale, orientation, line options, or other settings before committing the view.


Transform your 3D model into highly realistic imagery or perform an interactive presentation using Showcase. The selected part or assembly is loaded into Showcase. You can create design alternatives, configure lights and materials, then render the environment or use Showcase as a presentation environment.


Create a photorealistic rendering or animation of your 3D model in 3ds Max Design. The selected Inventor part or assembly is loaded into 3ds Max Design. You can then configure lights, materials, cameras, and other environment settings for your rendering or animation.

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