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November 14, 2011

Inventor Fusion 2012 SP3

Autodesk released Service Pack 3 for Inventor Fusion 2012. So, if you are having issues with Inventor Fusion 2012, go and download Service Pack 3 and see if it helps things a little bit.

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 3 32-bit

Inventor Fusion Service Pack 3 64-bit

Here are some of the issues addressed by the Service Pack 3:

3D Annotation
  • Crash if the face that a 3DA resides on is removed by a modeling operation.
Interoperability with Companion Products
  • AutoCAD
    • Inventor Fusion may hang/crash when copying a large number of AutoCAD 2D geometries to 2D Sketch.
    • The result of inserting two or more Inventor Fusion DWG files into AutoCAD may be incorrect.
    • Incorrect results may occur when copying a spline in AutoCAD and pasting it into a 2D Sketch of Inventor Fusion, if the spline was originally exported from SketchBookDesigner.
  • CER: Inventor Fusion crashes when hovering over the edge of the hole after changing the counterbore diameter to be less than the hole diameter.
  • Inventor Fusion will crash if "Ctrl + V" is pressed while creating sketch objects, if the clipboard is empty.
  • Catia
    • Spurious surface will be created when import Catia V5 file with solid.
  • Pro/E
    • Inventor Fusion may crash when opening Pro/E assembly file with multiple parts.
    • Model will be 10x enlarged if importing Pro/E model to Inventor Fusion.
  • Solidworks
    • Solidworks 2011 files are not supported.
  • STEP
    • CER: Crash when opening STEP file in localized version of Inventor Fusion.
  • CER: Inventor Fusion crashes when entering a value for Extrude in Ribbon, then pressing and releasing the Shift key.
  • "Show Hide" and "Isolate" in graphic context menu will not work if multiple components are selected.

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