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May 6, 2015

Inventor 2015 Service Pack 2

Autodesk has just released Service Pack 2 for Inventor 2015.

This Service Pack 2 addresses multiple issues for Inventor 2015.

Here is what is addressed in Service Pack 2:

Stress Analysis
  • The precision of pressure is inaccurate when you convert it from MPa to psi.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits while working in the Stress Analysis addin. This occurs when finishing a simulation and reading back simulation results.
  • Service Pack 2 addresses POODLE SSL v3 vulnerability
  • API GraphicsIndexSet.Add method has performance regression since Inventor 2015.
Application Functionality
  • Inventor hangs when saving a file after you expand and collapse the browser.
  • Unable to export files to CAD format in particular machines.
  • The browser does not automatically reposition when one monitor is missing.
  • Inventor performance is poor if you run Inventor on dual monitors or under customer DPI setting.
  • Non-English Inventor unexpectedly exits when you type the letter 'a' in Communication Center.
  • The last opened file might not be listed in the Recently Used tab after resetting the ribbon.
  • A project cannot be changed using the dropdown menu in My Home when an opened document is closed using undo.
  • Non-localized strings display within the context menu of the Home page.
  • Inventor 2015 freezes on startup: The message "AutoCAD Component has Stopped Working" displays.
  • View manipulation does not work as expected with 3D device if Rotation is disabled.
  • Manually changing the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\Inventor\RegistryVersion19.0\System\Preferences\File\CefOptions setting in the registry is no longer required.
Assembly Modeling
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you copy components into certain assembly files.
  • Sheet metal solid body is not selectable under Select Body Priority in the Assembly environment.
  • Some defined Assembly Joint Limits are unexpectedly lost when computing large amounts of existing Joints.
  • Assembly constraints that specifically Insert type constraint, sometimes provides a wrong direction when based on a normal vector of a selected circular edge. This issue was caused by using incorrect precision to compare direction of the two vectors in order to decide a final constraint direction. Editing existing Insert constraints may switch the constraint direction to the opposite direction.
  • Locked Design Views that are activated while occurrences are suppressed will no longer turn unsuppressed instances to invisible later.
  • When a part is inserted in an assembly, the center of gravity is made visible and cannot be turned off.
  • Assembly Joints that are created using the Substitute LOD of the components will fail sometimes when activating the Master or Substitute LOD.
  • A locked view representation when changing a component to invisible does not immediately update the browser icon to gray.
Content Center
  • Some materials are empty in custom Content Center family after migration from R2012.
Drawing Manager
  • Drawing views are out of sync with Assembly data.
  • Model sketches do not update in the drawing view if the model has no volume.
  • The size of a bounding box of a raster view is incorrect.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when creating a detail view.
  • Welds are incorrectly represented in the drawing when you change a Model State from Welds to Machining.
  • Cannot delete the crop view when annotations are unattached.
  • A memory leak problem happens when updating a drawing view.
  • You cannot copy/paste some drawing views.
  • Poor performance occurs when creating drawing views.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when creating drawing views from a weldment assembly.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you create a crop view and undo it.
  • The PartsListColumn.Reposition method does not work for iAssembly member columns.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when deleting symbols before the Select Other mini toolbar appears, or while the toolbar is active.
  • The order in BOM is not correct when sorting components by Item.
  • Data row height cannot be adjusted by dragging the data cell line up and down in the Partslist table, general table and revision table.
Engineer's Notebook
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits after undoing an Engineering note several times until the part that includes the engineering notebook is closed with two components.
Enhanced Visualization
  • Inventor prompts error message when creating a drawing view because of a bad front plane definition.
  • The preview quality is not good when creating a drawing base view from a small part.
  • Abnormal triangles may appear in a drawing document when you zoom in to drawing sheet.
  • Faces disappear when checking the component visibility off check box and when zooming into the assembly.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you delete some Assembly components in express mode under the Conservative graphics setting.
  • Dimension texts are blurry after applying Update 1.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when you use the API to copy the sheet to another drawing, delete the sheet and save a new drawing.
  • Thai characters incorrectly display in Inventor drawing files.
  • A relative path for the Materials and Appearance libraries is not supported in Project setting.
Part Modeling
  • Inventor hangs when you update non-English datasets containing many exported parameters.
  • Physical iProperties are not calculated for large models that contain a rectangular pattern feature.
  • Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you select the Rebuild All button.
  • Some nodes are missing in the IPN browser when opening legacy .ipn files.
Reality Capture
  • The point clouds of regions created in ReCap does not display in the Inventor point cloud Navigator dialog box.
  • Inventor unexpectedly exits when clicking on a point to place copied sketch texts.
  • A component is either missing or is altered after exporting to a STEP file.
  • You cannot export weldment beads correctly to an IGES/STEP file format.
  • A hatch pattern AR-CONC does not scale correctly after exporting the current drawing file to an AutoCAD DWG file.
  • Elements of the drawing are lost when batch generating visualization files with the Vault Job Processor.
  • You cannot open some special NX models that have compound and pseudo bodies.
  • Bodies are lost when importing some special NX models that contain compound and pseudo bodies.
  • No edge displays in a DWF file if it is published by the Vault Job Processor.
Here is a link to download Service Pack 2 for Inventor 2015 for 32-bit - Click Here...
Here is a link to download Service Pack 2 for Inventor 2015 for 64-bit - Click Here...
Here is a link for the Readme File - Click Here...

This Service Pack covers the following products:

    • Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015
    • Autodesk Inventor 2015
    • Autodesk Factory Design Suite Premium 2015
    • Autodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2015
    • Autodesk Product Design Suite Premium 2015
    • Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate 2015
    Credits: Autodesk

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