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October 31, 2012

Inventor of the Month - October 2012

Autodesk has named MariCorp as the Autodesk Inventor of the Month for October 2012, a nationwide leader in the boat dock industry that has expanded from 6 to 45 employees in the past 6 years, for using Autodesk PLM 360 to streamline project management and Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software as part of Autodesk Product Design Suite to improve their designs.

As a result of implementing Autodesk software, the fast-growing company, founded by its 25-year old CEO Scott Fitzpatrick while he was still in college, has been able to respond to bids more quickly, execute designs more effectively and efficiently scale its organization.

Autodesk PLM 360, a cloud-based product lifecycle management solution, has made project management and collaboration across the MariCorp organization much more efficient. The engineering department receives all the forms, images and notes for each project as attachments inside PLM 360. In return, the sales team can clearly see how the dock designs look and be absolutely clear when requesting changes. Requests for proposals that once initiated a week of frantic design activity now routinely wrap up in three days.

MariCorp estimates that the use of new design tools combined with easy access to accurate project information has helped reduce rework tenfold. Designs are noticeably more complete at the outset, leading to substantially less confusion or second-guessing from the manufacturing shop floor, all the way to final installation.

MariCorp is comfortable working in the cloud and, in addition to pursuing implementation of Autodesk Inventor iLogic, looks forward to maturing our design practices further to embrace cloud services like Autodesk 360 Optimization and to becoming even faster at creating more competitive and compelling designs.
Replacing its legacy design tools, MariCorp retooled its engineering processes around Autodesk Inventor software to build its dock designs and AutoCAD software to complete its drawings.
The company also uses Autodesk Showcase software to create photo-quality 3D illustrations of new design concepts. These renderings help customers to see a dock design in the context of its surroundings and understand the benefits and tradeoffs of the proposal more clearly than by viewing 2D sketches or blueprints.


Inventor of the Month - October 2012 Official Press Release

Here is a YouTube video about MariCorp

Image Credits: MariCorp, Autodesk

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