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March 1, 2012

Inventor Fusion for the Mac - Part 3

There has been quite a bit of activity over on the Facebook page for Inventor Fusion. The most recent news is they showed the splash screen for Inventor Fusion Technology for Mac.

They also included another picture of Inventor Fusion for Mac in action.

They also loaded two new videos onto their Facebook page also. The first has to do with a 3DConnexion device in action with Inventor Fusion for Mac. The second is Part 6 in a series in showing the functionality of Inventor Fusion for Mac.

3DConnexion support in action with Inventor Fusion for Mac

Inventor Fusion Technology for Mac - Part 6, More Part Modeling

Hopefully my next update on this will be on release day and have some more to share with you.

Here are also the other posts that I have done about Inventor Fusion for Mac

Inventor Fusion for Mac - Part 2
Inventor Fusion Coming to the Mac

Image Credit: Autodesk


  1. Impressive work for this fusion, looking forward for the update.

  2. With the frequency that they are updating their Facebook page it can't be too much longer.


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