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July 11, 2011

Back from Vacation

Sorry for no posts lately, the family and I was on vacation all last week. We flew out to Phoenix, AZ to visit some of my family. Spent a few days out there and then drove up to the Grand Canyon, the kids thought that was awesome.

After that we drove to Las Vegas, stayed at the Palms for two nights to take in all the sights. Wow, is that place great. Now I know what to look forward to if I ever get to go to AU. Also had to stop at the World Famous Pawn Shop.

After that we took in some sights at the Hoover Dam. That place is huge and the new bridge is awesome.

Then drove back down to Phoenix to spend a couple of more days with the relatives.

Overall an awesome trip, wife already wants to go back next year. We will have to see. Proceed with blog posts later today, hopefully if the kids will let me.

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