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May 26, 2011

Inventor of the Month - May 2011

Autodesk, Inc., has named Hawkes Ocean Technologies as the Autodesk May Inventor of the Month for its innovative research vehicles. The deep sea, not space, is the latest frontier for achieving new records of exploration, and Hawkes Ocean Technologies is leading the way with its series of winged submersibles that fly through the water, operating much like underwater aircraft.

With their unique ability for underwater flight and unprecedented range, speed and maneuverability, Hawkes DeepFlight submersibles make it easier and more cost effective to explore parts of the ocean that were previously out of reach - offering the potential to significantly expand scientific knowledge of the ocean that covers nearly three-fourths of the Earth’s surface. In fact, Hawkes is currently completing DeepFlight Challenger, the world’s deepest submersible that will be used by the Virgin Oceanic Five Dives project to venture to the bottom of the world’s oceans. Additionally, Hawkes is furthering the development of its DeepFlight winged submersibles and is working on its fifth generation DeepFlight vehicle.

Hawkes Ocean Technologies

Inventor of the Month - May 2011 Official Press Release

Here is the YouTube video about Hawkes Ocean Technologies

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