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May 19, 2011

Autodesk Inventor 2011 SP2 Available

Autodesk just released Service Pack 2 for all applications of Inventor 2011 software.
You must install Autodesk Inventor 2011, and apply Service Pack 1, before you can install Autodesk Inventor 2011 Service Pack 2. If you have previously installed the Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Inventor 2011 in addition to Service Pack 1, ensure you download and install from the appropriate Autodesk Inventor 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack SP2 file instead of the appropriate Autodesk Inventor 2010 SP2 file.

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here…
Here is the link to download SP2, Click Here...

Here are the Issues addressed by the Service Packs…

Dynamic Simulation

  • Blank items in Mechanism Status display after you run Unknown Force.

  • CER: A crash occurs with automatic update of Dynamic Simulation joints after assembly restructure.

  • In Win7/Vista, you cannot save a .cgd curve file to a location other than the assembly file.

  • When you re-open an assembly saved in simulation mode, the Automatic joint creation option is checked.

  • Stress Analysis

  • A memory leak occurs after you generate a report with images.

  • Contacts information does not display in the Report.

  • If you use invalid characters in a Report name, the message "Address not valid" displays in the .mht report.

  • Material section for Weldment assemblies is missing in Report.

  • Maximum value label displays the edited maximum value of the color bar.

  • Memory usage increases while you run Animate.

  • NG: Various "Degenerate Element" meshing issues occur.

  • Out of date flag is shown changing stop criteria to a higher value than already achieved.

  • While you set an absolute value for the color bar, negative probe values do not change to absolute values.

  • Frame Analysis

  • CER: Various crashes occur with simulate command and beam customization.

  • CER: Various crashes occur with beam model update.

  • When you leave the Frame Analysis environment, material opacity set at translucent changes to opaque.

  • If you use invalid characters in a Report name, the message "Address not valid" displays in the .mht report.

  • Tooling
    Cannot Start Windows in Safe Mode after installation of Inventor 2011.
    Tube & Pipe
    CER: Inventor crashes on a 64 bit machine when you use Make Adaptive to the instanced Tube & Pipe Runs.
    Cable & Harness
    Improved performance in AutoRoute with high Wire count.

  • Addition of radius or diameter dimensions fails on a circular arc projected from a B-spline curve.

  • AddWithOptions does not place an occurrence in the correct position.

  • DrawingDocument.Update fails after you change the references for certain data in the drawing document.

  • Enhance the OnFileResolution event to provide the referenced file type using Context("IsForeignFile").

  • FileSaveCount always increases by one, even on saves of un-dirtied part documents.

  • In FileManager, GetLevelOfDetailRepresentations returns a different order before and after you open an assembly document.

  • NG: DesignProject.Activate causes the alterable pointing to the design project references to an invalid design project.

  • RelativeFileName within the FileAccessEvents.OnFileResolution event returns wrongly.

  • Scalable text graphics do not display correctly after you save and reopen a document.

  • Set FileMetadata.FullFileName does not update the path on dialog boxes of Make Part/Make Component.

  • The position of Leader note text flips when you update a drawing document in invisible mode.

  • Assembly Modeling

  • Alpha sort component command works slowly in one large assembly.

  • Assembly work features are named to the English language when you install SP1 on a German localized Inventor.

  • Cannot select a COG sphere after you show COG.

  • Elements in an assembly pattern cannot be made visible if the pattern is not visible.

  • Grip Snap does not allow Precise input, and freezes after accepting only one digit.

  • Incorrect result shows when you use iMate to place a component with the option "Automatically generate iMates on place".

  • Insert constraint does not work on a folded part.

  • Inventor shows the last used LOD before save rather than the LOD selected during open.

  • Mass doubles when you create a Substitute LOD.

  • NG: Bill of Materials shows incorrect quantity for components in nested patterns when the pattern count is controlled by the iAssembly table.

  • NG: In an assembly pattern, when the total occurrence count of a component becomes too big, the performance is very slow.

  • Sheet metal components in an assembly do not update when you invoke a Rebuild All.

  • The assembly browser does not return to the top level assembly after an edit to the weld folder in a subassembly.

  • The Weld features in the authored iCopy templates are lost after you instance an iCopy.

  • Transitional constraint fails during driving constraint.

  • Content Center

  • A crash occurs when you update one special and remote custom library.

  • Column Properties Expression settings do not work if there are two or more custom parameters.

  • Families with file names containing $ are not treated as standard components.

  • Replace from Content Center replaces the length of the replaced parts with the default length for Structural Shapes Families.

  • The Change Size dialog box does not show the current size for the structural shapes families published from iParts.

  • Direct Manipulation

  • A crash occurs in commands to create or modify a model if you cancel after measuring on a mini toolbar.

  • A crash occurs when you select and drag the face on one special data.

  • Invalid value in the mini tool bar does not change to red after you insert the measured value.

  • NG: On edit, wrong focus on the mini tool bar occurs when you hover the mouse on a browser node.

  • Create Fillet, Create Chamfer and Edit Extrude commands started from contextual mini toolbars had wrong prompting in the status bar.

  • Drawing Manager

  • Fixed incorrect "Member out of date" notification in Drawing view browser node.

  • NG: Center marks dimension incorrectly to the ends of a slot that is created with the extrude feature from a tangent plane.

  • NG: CER: A crash sometimes occurs when you change the column width in a parts list that displays an iProperty string containing a tab character.

  • NG: In drawings, you cannot retrieve a dimension for a feature from a multiple-use shared sketch when features based on it are unsuppressed.

  • NG: Unable to balloon components promoted from a table replaced iAssembly with a phantom BOM structure.

  • NG: View Cube settings are not accessible while you create a custom drawing view.

  • Some retrieve dimensions that do not project to an XY sheet plane, jump after model updating.

  • When you open a drawing with Customer Templates on Vista and Windows 7, the message "an unnamed file has a bad format" displays.

  • Framework

  • CER: A crash occurs when you bring up two or more Open File dialog boxes through Inventor API.

  • CER: A crash occurs when you invoke a Work Plane feature from the search box in the Application Menu.

  • CER: A crash occurs when you quickly activate the Open Document list two or more times from Document Tabs.

  • CER: A crash occurs when there is a "Set End of Part" error during the Extrude command.

  • CER: A crash occurs when there is a "Vector too long" error during creation of a Hole feature.

  • CER: A crash occurs when you switch multiple displays mode between Single and Dualview from the NVIDIA control panel.

  • Embedded images are lost when you save a copy of a document as a new document.

  • NG: In the Color Style edit box, the maximum texture scale is limited to 1000%.

  • No warning dialog box displays when you open a file from the MRU (most recently used) list, even if this file is not in the active project.

  • Pressing the S key does not create a 2D Sketch on a selected Work Plane.

  • The visibility option on the context menu does not work well for inserted images in Drawing documents.

  • Frame Generator

  • After you update a frame member, its part number is reset, even if the option "Get Frame Member's Part Number from Content Center" is cleared.

  • Some assemblies that consist of frame members generated by Frame Generator did not migrate correctly in Inventor 2011 RTM/SP1.

  • Graphics

  • CER: Inventor crashes after finishing an animation in Stress Analysis with Dynamic Section on.

  • CER: Inventor crashes in a drawing file if you hover the mouse on a logo picture while you click "Home" to zoom.

  • CER: Inventor crashes when you edit a sketch after using undo and redo several times.

  • Line weights are not visible after you pan.

  • NG: Draft Analysis gives incorrect results in graphics compatibility mode on Windows XP.

  • Zebra Analysis does not work well with German operating system settings.

  • iLogic
    iLogic Activation Error message no longer displays (and prevents iLogic from loading) if there is a corrupted user.config file.
    Part Modeling
  • All assembly constraints are lost when you modify iParts.

  • Bitmap is not visible in the title block if it is not pre-existent in the drawing.

  • CER: A crash occurs when you invoke the Copy object command and select the component in an assembly.

  • CER: Inventor crashes when you use Insert dwg in Sketch, and select PC from the network.

  • Inventor hangs during a Hole edit in sheet metal if you try to change the placement.

  • Legacy parts that incorrectly define a work plane on a non-planar face display errors on rebuild.

  • NG: Fixed incorrect result for Polar Moment in Cross Section analysis when the section contains multiple disconnected areas.

  • Unable to highlight objects during a boundary patch.

  • When you switch a Hole from Simple to Tapped, the thread size disregards the diameter size.

  • Work feature edit does not update in the 3D Sketch environment.

  • Sketch

  • A crash occurs when you delete 3D sketch geometry if you pause the mouse over overlapped geometries.

  • CER: A crash occurs when you import a .dwg with the option "no new sketch".

  • Sheet Metal
    The preview for a corner chamfer does not update on changing values.
    NG: Studio Rendering crashes sometimes on multi-core CPUs.

  • A crash occurs when you publish some drawings with complicated views to DWF or PDF.

  • A retrieved model sketch that contains geometry text changes after DWGout.

  • An unexpected exit occurs when you edit a tapered thread that was migrated.

  • Cannot export derived Alias data to IGES and STEP formats.

  • Cannot import a Fusion DWG file into Inventor.

  • CER: A crash occurs when you export a face to DXF.

  • CER: Inventor crashes when you export IDW to DXF.

  • If the plane of a curve is perpendicular to the drawing paper, DWF publish project a 3D curve to a polyline, and not a line.

  • It takes a long time to export an Inventor .dwg as an AutoCAD Mechanical .dwg with the option "Parts only" turned on.

  • Missing zeroes in broken view dimensions after DWGOUT.

  • Imported CATIA V5 file has distorted faces in the model.

  • Imported JT file has incorrectly trimmed spheres.

  • The detail output of AEC Exchange with a Shrinkwrap assembly does not show in Revit.

  • Wrong characters are exported when publishing some drawings to PDF.

  • Vault

  • A crash occurs when you undo twice after create a note within a sketch.

  • Inventor Vault add-in is not loaded by default after SP1 installation, even if Vault Client is already installed.

  • Others

  • After you edit the model, a bolted connection requires a resolve.

  • Inventor crashes when you press Ctrl+F in a presentation file.
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