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September 18, 2014

AutoCAD 2015 Service Pack 2

Autodesk has released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for AutoCAD 2015.

Here is a link to download AutoCAD 2015 SP2 32-bit, Click Here...
Here is a link to download AutoCAD 2015 SP2 64-bit, Click Here...

Here is a link for the Readme file, Click Here…

This Service Pack can be applied to AutoCAD 2015 installed as a standalone application as well as AutoCAD 2015 installed from the following Autodesk Design Suites.
  • AutoCAD Design Suite 2015
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2015
  • Autodesk AutoCAD with Advanced Steel 2015
  • Autodesk Building Design Suite 2015
  • Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2015
  • Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2015
  • Autodesk Plant Design Suite 2015
  • Autodesk Product Design Suite 2015
  • Service Pack 2 also includes all of the updates from Service Pack 1.
  • Service Pack 2 can be installed on either the original version or the Service Pack 1 version of AutoCAD 2015 or AutoCAD LT 2015.

  • Here are the details regarding what is included in the SP2:

    Problems Reported with the Customer Error Reporting Utility

    • Occasional crashes when inserting a parametric block from a tool palette.
    • Occasional crashes when using the ribbon to insert blocks.
    • Occasional crashes when using Paste Special after capturing an image by Alt + Print Screen key combination.
    • Occasional crashes when opening a file with embedded TIFF images.
    New Tab
    • Occasional crashes when closing drawings created from a New Tab.
    • Occasional crashes when panning with middle mouse button immediately after selecting.
    • Occasional crashes when using the AutoStack feature while editing dimension text.
    • Occasional crashes when copying or moving the drawing that contains shx font.
    • Occasional crashes when offsetting a spline.
    • Occasional crashes in AutoCAD LT when the Group Manager is left open.
    • Occasional crashes when closing the drawing after the second block insertion if the visual style is set to Realistic.
    • Occasional crashes when panning the drawing in 3D visual style.
    • Occasional crashes when exiting AutoCAD (additional to those in SP1).
    • Occasional crashes when starting AutoCAD after setting the PATH environment variable.
    General Service Pack Updates

    3D Modeling
    • In certain cases, Subtract doesn't work for regions.
    • In certain cases, Slice doesn't work for the 3D solid with parts that do not touch.
    3D Navigation
    • In certain cases, Zoom using 3D Connexion device doesn't work properly for some models.
    • In certain cases, AutoCAD freezes when creating classic array for the object with geometry constraints.
    • In certain cases, AutoCAD freezes when using array action on dynamic block with geometry and dimension constraints.
    • In certain cases, Block Editor toolbar doesn't disappear from view after exiting the Block Editor.
    • Draw order is not retained when pasting dynamic blocks from other drawings.
    File Navigation
    • The drawing preview does not display in the File Open dialog box after using DXFIN.
    • Cannot hide hatches in a clipped view.
    • The transient hatch color and transparency doesn't display in the 2D Wireframe visual style.
    • The cursor stops for seconds when selecting a solid hatch with a circular boundary and legacy highlighting (SELECTIONEFFECT is set to 0).
    • In certain cases, AutoCAD freezes while evaluating hatch boundaries when a drawing is opened.
    • Hatch is not visible on its background if hatch background color is similar and Display plot style box is checked in the Page Setup Manager.
    • In certain cases, the hatch object doesn't display the correct plot style color.
    • In certain cases, the ghosted image is displayed after trimming a hatch object of a block reference.
    • The layer selection is lost with multiple layer selection after changing a layer property in the Layer properties Manager.
    • Cannot drag and drop a layout tab to import it into Sheet Set Manager.
    • Cannot duplicate a layout tab by using the CTRL key.
    Plot and Publish
    • In certain cases, a hatch object inside a block displays incorrectly in Plot and Plot Preview.
    • In certain cases, Publish will clip the margins.
    • Publish doesn't work correctly when applying the named page setup for multiple layouts.
    Point Cloud
    • A memory leak issue results in a loss of performance or a crash.
    • Point clouds are not selectable after cropping.
    • When using the Windows Classic or Basic theme, cursor ghosting occurs when moving over the top of a layout viewport that is set to a 3D visual style.
    • In certain cases, the border of a layout viewport flashes when the cursor moves within model space in that viewport if it's set to a 3D visual style.
    • Lines display in unexpected locations when the UCS is different than the WCS and the DYNMODE system variable is turned off.
    • The Autodesk 360 ribbon tab is disabled when AdSync is installed from a deployment.
    • In certain cases, AutoCAD freezes after running lisp a second time in Visual LISP.
    • The model and layout tabs in source DWG files cannot be selected in the preview window of DWG import dialog.
    • A memory issue occurs when switching between the Model tab and layout tabs.
    • In certain cases, the horizontal scroll bar is not displayed.
    • In certain cases, AUDIT doesn't fix the corrupted associative information in DWG file.
    Security Hotfix
    • This Service Pack includes the Autodesk AutoCAD Security Hotfix. This Service Pack can be applied whether that security hotfix was originally applied to your system or not.
    • If you have Autodesk ReCap 2015 installed together with AutoCAD 2015, please install Autodesk ReCap 2015 Hotfix 1 via Autodesk Application Manager.

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