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January 25, 2013

Inventor 2013 Tutorial - Sheet Metal Contour Flange

Today I am going to show a quick tutorial about Contour Flange in Inventor 2013. This is a command that I use quite a bit considering that I am in the sheet metal environment most of the day.

First thing you need to do is create a end profile with the bends built in of the sheet metal part you want to create.

Next, select the Contour Flange command, select the end profile that you had just drawn in the sketch environment.

After that you need to choose the options that you want, offset which way you want the material to go on. The options you have are inside profile, outside profile and midplane profile.

Your next choice is for the distance you want to have your contour flange extend to, also which direction you want the distance to go towards.

All of the bends are controlled by your sheet metal defaults that you should already have setup. I will show how to do that in a later post.

Also, here is a YouTube video showing how it is done.


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