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February 24, 2012

AutoCAD 2013 - What's New - Released in Japan

AutoCAD 2013 was released in Japan this week and we can start talking about a few things for What's New in this release.

Cross section and details view
Easily accessible tools for creating the cross-section and detailed view layout drawing of the model for the new tab. Full, half, select General section method, such as alignment and offset. Specifies a circular or rectangular boundary in the details view. Even change the layout or model, maintain integrity line segments cross section and details of the boundary is constrained key points of view in the drawing. Maintain the integrity of the multiple sectional and detail view using the view styles that can be customized.

"Strikethrough" style added newly to the multimedia text, multileader (mleader), dimension, table, ArcText and increased flexibility in the representation of characters in the document.

Latest user templates
AutoCAD 2013 release updated templates to suit user needs. Adding, adding a new title blocks,
hatch patterns related to text, dimension, table, multileader styles.

Autodesk Cloud connection 
Autodesk Cloud with synchronizing files by the close connection. Synchronization with online account folder and drawings, AutoCAD from directly. Export file and attachment directly to the common sign-on account and you can share files with other users via the Autodesk online account.

Customization and support file synchronization
When you migrate a machine to another machine, you can easily AutoCAD customization settings and support for file sharing and access.

Social media sharing
Share AutoCAD design to social Facebook and Twitter connection features built-in.

Autodesk Exchange AutoCAD application
Power of AutoCAD to AutoCAD related applications created by members of the ADN(Autodesk Developer Network), can be easily extended. Now to obtain the necessary add-in. Choose from a rich extension to connect to access, screening of Autodesk.

Contextual boundaries stretch tool
Now the boundary stretching tools even more flexible situation-based tool. Boundary stretching tool offset and extrude the curve and create solids and surfaces. New multiple options of boundary-stretching tool you can select multiple objects one time boundaries stretch operation.

Inventor file import
Autodesk Inventor allowing validation, model Fusion to AutoCAD 3D concept design features, from nearly any source editing flexibility. You can edit without decomposing solid CAD block interoperability enhancements.

Extract the terms splitter
Extraction tool extracts the terms splitter new surface split line passing through a point on a surface or solid surface.

Latest user operations
AutoCAD user interface was enhanced to enable a seamless interaction with the software. Less
cumbersome operation, command line flexibility and contextual Ribbon tab has been added.
Multifunctional grip also can manipulate many objects. Users save time by operation is streamlined
with powerful tools such as hatching and automatic adjustment array copy, you can focus on design.

Preview of the Edit properties
Apply the preview changes to object properties dynamically. For example, color, move the cursor over each color in the list just select the object and trying to change the color using the Properties palette, the selected object changes soon.

Change the viewport preview
Moving the cursor on each item dynamically preview the changes in the viewport display. For example, simply moving the cursor on each option in the display style list, and the display style for each result displays immediately drawing.

Migration tools to AutoCAD 2013
In addition to migrate a customized environment of previous versions, reset the environment features have been added. Also added ability to transition the tool palette, AutoCAD 2012 earlier custom materials. Migration, you can migrate easily to AutoCAD 2013.

Here are just some of the new features that are in the AutoCAD 2013 release. To find out more later on, keep an eye on Lynn Allen's Blog

Image Credits: Autodesk


  1. I do not need any of these enhancements!

    Maybe this is the time to sell your adsk-stocks!

  2. There is more to the What's New then what is posted, once it gets released in the US I will be allowed to talk more about it.


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