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September 23, 2011

Autodesk Labs - Inventor Publisher Goes Social

Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012: Product & technical documentation softwareAutodesk Labs has released a new Technology Preview for Inventor Publisher. It is called Publish to Social. This new Technology Preview allows you to share your Inventor Publisher models on Facebook and YouTube. Also, new in the Publish to Social technology preview is a new publish wizard that gives you step by step control for publishing print, movie and interactive formats from Inventor Publisher. Additionally it gives you the ability to create and use different Custom Presets to publish following your corporate standards.
Here are some of the key features that are included in the Publish to Social Technology Preview:
  • Capability to publish animated technical documentation directly to your personal or company YouTube and Facebook sites from within Inventor Publisher.
  • A new Publish Wizard that allows you to:
    • Control the settings in different video formats that you would like to publish to Facebook or YouTube or to your desktop.
    • Use default presets or create custom presets with your preferred settings, so that you can quickly publish in your most commonly used formats, including:
      • 3D Interactive mobile
      • 2D or 3D PDF
      • 3D DWF
      • Animated video
      • Image
      • Vector
      • Word
      • PPT
    • Dynamically explore different formats between Print, Movie and Interactive groups to Publish from the same source document. Author once and publish many different types of formats from that authored file.
    • Save time by leveraging recently used Publish Presets, and retaining YouTube and Facebook logins destinations for publishing multiple instruction documents.
To run the Publish to Social Technology Preview you will need to have the following versions of software installed:
  • Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012 with SP1/SP2 software
Inventor Publisher - Publish to Social Technology Preview

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