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April 14, 2011

AutoCAD WS for Android

Autodesk announced the availability of the AutoCAD WS mobile application on the Android platform. A free web and mobile application, AutoCAD WS uses cloud computing technology to enable Autodesk software users to view, edit and share their designs through web browsers and mobile devices.

The AutoCAD WS mobile app will work on all phones and tablets running Android version 2.1 and higher. AutoCAD WS for Android will include all the features already included in the successful iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch app. There is a comprehensive set of tools for editing and markups and a Timeline for managing all previous versions of your design. AutoCAD WS allows you to share your files with anyone and collaborate in real-time. Using your Android phone or tablet, you can work with clients and colleagues using any other Android device or any iOS device or any desktop computer with a browser.

Here is the AutoCAD WS for Android press release.

It will be available on the Android Market on Wednesday, April 20th.


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